Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer & God part 2

"To pray for a bodily cure and nothing more is a limited and limiting procedure. Pray also to be enlightened as to why this sickness fell upon you..." - Paul Brunton

Most of the persons with disability want a cure. But only wanting a cure is not the solution. It is like the FOMC - reducing interest rates in present situation. It is a quick fix to the symptom and not fixing the problem.

God has given us a body with disability ? We want it to be "normal". With our prayers may be, we can be cured. But, then are we fulfilling the purpose of our life that GOD as set for us ?
Also GOD gives us guidance in response to our prayers. But do we listen to HIM ?

J. Donald Walters says "Most people when they pray, talk to God rather than with Him. they don't take the time to listen, in deep inner silence, for His answer ..."

Even in our prayers we are pushing our story. We have no time to listen to anybody even - GOD. And then we wonder why our prayers are not answered. We blame all and sundry for unanswered prayers without accepting our impatience.

GOD will answer our prayers, only if we take time and effort to listen to the guidance. GOD speaks to us as a small voice in our heart.

"Be still, and know that I am God" - Psalms 46:10

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer & God

When I think of prayer I think of the three quotations. Let me quote them as I remember them.

"Prayer is a perpetual stillness of the heart, a surrendering to yourself as an aspect of God within you. Prayer is not beseeching an entity outside us for favors, but acknowledging the presence of God with us..." - A Spiritual Warrior

"A simple prayer for the soul's journey is 'I will to will Thy will.' Such a simple form of prayer is proper, it seems, on almost any occasion.." - Ralph Blume.

"Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God.." - St.Paul

Prayer is a very powerful tool, that GOD has given us. But we have to remember what we are praying for. If say, a person has an illness or disability should they pray to be cured ? Or should they be praying to be healed ?

I feel that we should always pray for guidance from our Heavenly Father to grow spiritually. Also one must understand the difference between curing and healing. Cure relates to the body and healing relates to our soul.

Also when we pray it should be from the core of ones heart and with gratitude. Prayer is such an important part in our lives - one more post is warranted. More in the second part.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Power & God

People with disability feel that they do not have any power over their lives. They feel powerless due to their disability. When we think that way, we forget that we can have all the power we need, only if we claim it.

And that power comes from GOD. If we stay connected to GOD and HIS purpose for us, we will receive the power to fulfill the task. Ralph W. Trine once said "The true secret of power lies in keeping one's connection with God who worketh all things."

We also feel powerless when we do not take the ownership or responsibility of our problem/condition. We must accept that disability is our problem, then we claim it as our own, bless it and work on it. When we accept the problem, we are taking personal responsibility for it.

It is in this acceptance we gain power to achieve what we want to achieve. And as always a prayer of gratitude to GOD will make it more powerful. To achieve greater power in life always go to the greatest source for help - GOD.